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The Flexible ISA (1) key features are:
  • Apply for an account online, by post or at our Epsom branch
  • Save from £500 up to £250,000
  • Minimum withdrawal £100
  • Save up to the annual statutory limit of £20,000 for the 2020 / 2021 tax year
  • Tax-free interest earned from the day we receive your investment (subject to identification requirements being met)
  • Variable interest rate - may go down as well as up
  • Interest paid annually on 30 September and added to the account
  • Add to your savings* by debit card, by transfer from your bank account, by cheque, by transfer from another account with us or by cash
  • Transfers from flexible and non-flexible Cash ISAs are accepted however cannot be applied for online
  • Please note, transfers from Stocks & Shares ISAs are not permitted
  • Easy access to your savings with up to 12 withdrawals available per calendar year without an access charge and can be paid by transfer to your bank account, by transfer to another account with us or by cash
  • Withdrawals, closure and transfer to another ISA provider without an access charge
  • Ability to withdraw and replace money without the replacement counting towards your annual ISA subscription limit
  • Replacement money must be repaid in the same tax year it was withdrawn
  • Withdrawn money from previous years’ ISA subscriptions can only be replaced in the account from which it was withdrawn


Operation of your account

Your Flexible ISA (1) can be operated via the Online Service, by phone, by post or at our Epsom branch.

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