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"We were very impressed from our first contact, through the entire application process"

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Sensible lending

During the Covid 19 pandemic Rod and his wife Sue, like many others in Britain, found themselves shielding. They were dependant on their loved ones to do what was once everyday tasks such as food shopping. Their daughter who lived 30 minutes away was one of the people they relied heavily upon, but they began to become increasingly concerned for their daughter’s hour long round trip. With this in mind they decided that they wanted to move closer to their daughter.

The dilemma was that they could easily sell their own property but getting the price they needed would be a little difficult. The area that they planned on moving to was a more expensive location, so they had a tough decision to make.

However, being closer to their daughter was their top priority and they were determined to make the move. Rod and Sue have been existing borrowers with the Society since 2016. Impressed with our assurance, professionalism and friendly service they decided to contact us to discuss their options.

“I’m already with the Family Building Society and I thought I would go back and ask for a bit more money to make the move possible”

“The assurance and helpfulness were the thing that really swung it for us”

Making the move possible

Due to Rod’s earlier career in the insurance industry, he was very knowledgeable about mortgages and the options available to him. So, after a chat with one of our mortgage advisers Rod and his wife decided the best option for them at this time was a Retirement Interest-Only mortgage.

“I knew about it because of my earlier mortgage background or at least I knew about Interest-Only mortgages and I figured where I am now it would be sensible to have a Retirement Interest-Only mortgage and save the capital up in a separate saving pot”

A Retirement Interest-Only mortgage (RIO) is a mortgage where the amount we lend to you does not have to be repaid until a specified life event occurs, for example going into long term care.

With a RIO mortgage you only pay the interest monthly. So that at the end of the term what you owe is what you’ve originally borrowed.

The RIO mortgage combined with the sale of their flat meant that Rod and Sue were able to buy a house. Their new property consists of an ideal garden, more living space and only an 8-minute drive away from their daughter. The new home also enabled a lot more sleepovers with their grandchildren.

By choosing a Retirement Interest-Only mortgage Rod and Sue are no longer concerned about their daughter’s travel and get to spend their time in a new home. They now get to spend more quality time together as a family and less time worrying.

Flexibility with Family Building Society

“Larger corporates don’t seem to shift from the rule book".

We take a wider approach to lending, assessing each case on its merits, not rigidly following set rules, so that we’re able to help many people who may not be able to borrow from the larger lenders.

Rod and Sue were delighted to find that the same mortgage advisor they had contacted over six years ago was able to advise them yet again on their new mortgage requirements.

“Peter Cook was our adviser and he was brilliant; he was brilliant the first time round too!”

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