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Making the most of my redundancy money with a Market Tracker Saver


How did Catherine hear about us?

As an existing National Counties Building Society customer, Catherine received a notification of the launch of Family Building Society, and decided to research the rates available. She found the interest rate on a Market Tracker Saver account to be very competitive.

A local Building Society appealed to Catherine, as did the competitive interest rate being offered by the Market Tracker Saver account.

Catherine also liked the fact the account does all the hard work, by tracking the highest interest rates paid in the taxable immediate access market and reviews the interest rate quarterly so she doesn't have to.

This fits in with Catherine's plans of enjoying her career break and satisfied the need to have an easy access account should she need to dip into funds.

How does our Market Tracker Saver account compare to other savings accounts?

After completing various searches online such as and Google, the Market Tracker Saver interest rate remained competitive.

Catherine is very satisfied with the service received from being a National Counties customer and consequently expects the Family Building Society to provide a similar customer service experience.

"I like the fact I don't speak to a machine, I speak to a person and I know I mean something to the Society"

How was our customer service?

Catherine manages her accounts online and has used the secure messaging option, where her query was answered promptly and confirmation sent in the post immediately. She is very confident that this is a safe and reliable service.

"The service I have received has been excellent"

Catherine would recommend both Family Building Society and National Counties.

"You’re able to speak to a friendly, efficient and professional Family Representative straight away"

Is our Market Tracker Saver account right for you?

This easy access savings account tracks interest rates so you don't have to keep shopping around for a competitive rate.

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