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Home moving service for the retired

We can arrange to help you with home move services for elderly relatives.

At some point, many of us will have to face the reality of our elderly loved ones having to move into care. 

Leaving the family home is a tough decision and it's often followed by a series of difficult choices and challenges.

When life at home becomes difficult, there are various possibilities to consider. Selling up is one option and is often an inevitable factor of the transition into residential care. If you're living a long way from an elderly relative this can be very difficult to manage at an emotional time.

How can the Family Building Society help?

We are committed to making this time as easy as possible and we can do this with the help of our trusted partner Bridgefast Property Services. Their expert team of dedicated advisers, are committed to helping to facilitate a smooth and stress-free move and property sale.

Bridgefast’s advisers manage the entire operation - working to ease your logistical worries and providing extra support at a difficult and stressful time. For example:

  • Managing estate agents and making sure the property is put on the market at the right price
  • Arranging an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Negotiating with buyers and helping you decide which offer to accept
  • Appointing solicitors and making sure they don’t delay the sale
  • Arranging for house clearance if that's needed
  • You can also take advantage of Bridgefast’s Vacant Property Care - so leaving a home empty isn’t a problem.

Further details of the services and fees available from Bridgefast Property Services can be found here.

If you would like more information, please contact our friendly team:

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We receive payment from Bridgefast Property Services where an introduction leads to a transaction taking place.

Strap Bridgefast

Home move support services guide

Details of the services and fees available from Bridgefast Property Services.

Long-term care planning

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