6.59% Expat 5 Year Fixed Rate to 28/02/2029 (XF0697)

The mortgage will be secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
Initial interest rate Current follow on rate Overall cost for comparison Repayment or Interest-Only? Max % Loan to Value (LTV) Product fees Additional

6.59% Expat 5 Year Fixed Rate to 28/02/2029 (XF0697)

6.59% 9.19% 8.6%APRC
  • Interest-Only
70% 1.00%~

Key things to bear in mind

  • Purpose - Expat Purchase and remortgage
  • Loan to Value - Maximum 70%
  • Fixed Rate end date - 28/02/2029
  • Application fee - £175 + Valuation Fee for purchase and remortgage
  • Valuation Fees (Purchase) - Full standard valuation fee scale applies.
  • Valuation Fees (Remortgage) - Free for properties up to £500,000. For properties above £500,000 the standard valuation fee scale applies, less £330.00 discount
  • Valuation Fees (Multi Unit Freehold Blocks) - A separate valuation fee scale will apply for this property type. For purchase and remortgage applications, the full Multi-Unit Freehold Block valuation fee scale will apply
  • ~Product fee - 1.00% subject to a min of £1,000
  • Early Repayment Charges - 5% until 28/02/2025, 4% until 28/02/2026, 3% until 28/02/2027, 2% until 29/02/2028, 1% until 28/02/2029
  • Maximum loan - No maximum. Loans above £500,000 should be referred to us for specific agreement before submission of an application
  • Minimum loan - £45,000 for purchase and remortgage
  • Cost for comparison - 8.6% APRC
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Other items

Applicants are required to have an existing UK mortgage. We carry out an electronic credit check on all applicants which may show the performance of these. If this fails to show their existing mortgage(s), 12 months proof of conduct is required. To speed up our underwriting, you can provide this on submission. 

Tenancy agreement
For remortgages, a copy of the existing / proposed tenancy agreement.

Background BTLs
– Evidence of rent being paid in and mortgage being paid out (bank statements may already cover this)

Evidence of deposit for purchases
– Evidence of deposit in a UK account held by the applicant(s) 
– For gifted deposits, we require a signed gift letter from the giftor plus evidence of funds in a UK account and the giftors details (names, date of births, relationship to applicants)

Expat applications
– Applicants are required to provide a UK contact where the Society is able to serve notice regarding the mortgage. This can be a UK Solicitor or close family member in the UK.

Applicants with four or more mortgaged Buy to Let properties
– We will treat these applications as a portfolio landlord and we require details of their full portfolio and a business plan.

Additional Information
As part of a Buy to Let limited Company application we may ask for additional information when we receive the application form 

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