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Annual General Meeting - Have your say

Thank you for being a member of our Society. One of the benefits of being a member is having a say in the way the Society is run.

As you previously registered to receive your AGM information electronically, we will be providing this information via our websites. We will send you this email at the end of March which will also have full details of how you can cast your vote online and attend our online AGM.

Important Information on attending the AGM
Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic it will not be possible for members to attend the meeting in person. However your views are important so we have made arrangements for members to attend remotely. I hope you will be able to participate. Full details of how you can gain access to the AGM will be outlined in your AGM packs and on our websites from Thursday 25 March.

Questions for the Board?
If you would like to ask the Board a question in advance of the meeting, please email