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Offset mortgage case study

Read about Jemma's story and how she set aside her savings to help reduce her mortgage interest payments

When Jemma Dawkins set up her business as a Marketing Consultant two years ago, she didn't think she would find herself penalised by the relatively short time her business has been running and the way she received her income.


Jemma's story

Over the last two years she has been able to earn at a higher level than when she was employed. She is now thinking about potentially expanding to take on an assistant to handle some of the smaller projects she has been given.

When it comes to getting a mortgage however, she has found herself penalised by the relatively short time her business has been running and the fact that her income, whilst reliable, comes in on a project by project basis rather than nice and neatly every month.

When the money does come in, Jemma knows she will need to put aside roughly £30,000 across the year to meet her tax bill. That money can build up in her Offset Saver account. Including a transfer of savings, on average Jemma is able to offset the interest on £50,000 of her mortgage each month.

So by offsetting her savings against the mortgage she'll reduce the amount of interest that's charged. However, she won't earn any interest on her savings all the time they are linked to her mortgage.


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Offset mortgage calculator

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