Consumer or professional Buy to Let

Due to mortgage regulations, you'll need to apply for a Buy to Let mortgage as a consumer or professional. So what's the difference?

Consumer Buy to Let

A Consumer Buy to Let applicant is sometimes described as an accidental landlord. For example, if you inherited a property and wanted to rent it out instead of selling it, or you moved into the house and wanted to keep one of your properties to rent out.

Consumer Buy to Let mortgages are supervised by the FCA and regulated by HM Treasury.

See our range of individual Buy to Let mortgage products available for purchase and remortgage:

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Professional Buy to Let

A Professional Buy to Let application is used when the property is being used as a rental business. For example;

  • if you were to take out a Buy to Let mortgage to purchase a property with the intention of renting it out;
  • if you have previously bought a property to let out and neither yourself nor a relative has lived there;
  • if you already own a property that you have let out on the basis of rental agreement.

Professional Buy to Let mortgages are unregulated.

We have mortgages for Professionals who will own the property in either their personal names(s) or as a Limited company. 

See our range of Buy to Let mortgage products for Professionals, available for purchase and remortgage:

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How will this affect your application?

We will determine whether you're a consumer or professional applicant based on your application form and may need to ask you a few more questions on the phone when you speak to us.

If you have any questions, you can contact our friendly New Business Team:

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