Payments and charges

Our bank details and a list of our savings accounts charges. 

Our bank details

If you'd like to add to your savings account directly from your bank account, please use the details below.

  • Account name: Family Building Society (National Counties)
  • Sort code: 40-02-50
  • Account number: 21397400
  • Reference: Your 10-digit Family Building Society account number
  • Account type (if asked for): Business

Important information

- You can find your Family Building Society account number on your Savings Account Certificate when you originally opened your account. Alternatively, if you're registered for our Online Service, your account number will be shown on the main screen after you've logged in.

 - You may be asked by your provider what type of payee you would like to set up. Please select ‘business account’. This has no impact on your account with us.

- The payment details may show up as HSBC, as we use them for our banking services.

Payments into my account

Any transactions you make outside of our Online Service, such as a bank transfer or faster payment into your account, may not be shown in the Online Service until 2 working days after the transaction is paid into your account.

Confirmation of Payee

Your bank / building society may let you know that the account name you use doesn’t match what’s on their system. This is because Family Building Society is a trading name of National Counties, and our account name is ‘National Counties’. However, your bank will still let you carry on with the payment.

Savings account charges

During the life of your savings account with us there are some charges which may be incurred.




Cheque paid in and later returned unpaid


Same day transfer of funds to your bank account (via CHAPS, telegraphic transfers)


Lost passbook for the second and all subsequent times



Do you need our help?

If you have questions or need our help please contact our friendly Savings Service Team.

Downloadable savings forms

A list of useful savings forms and information about the general conditions of our savings accounts.