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Unique situation? Our personal approach means that we may still be able to offer you the mortgage you want.

The mortgage will be secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

We have a common sense approach to lending and underwrite mortgages on a case-by-case basis, with no credit scoring. If your circumstances are unusual our range of specialist mortgages may be able to help you.

Our JBSP arrangement allows family members to support each other with affordability when applying for a mortgage. Up to two occupying owners can live in the property and up to two family member(s) can support the occupying owner(s).

A JBSP arrangement is ideal for:

  • First time buyers, or young borrowers wanting to step up the property ladder, allowing them to combine their income with the income of a family member(s) to maximise their mortgage, yet keeping sole ownership of the property. Family members can include parents, grandparents, siblings or aunts / uncles.
  • Adult children assisting their parents, which is increasingly important as more people find they need to continue borrowing past retirement
  • Couples with a Buy to Let property where the owning partner may not have sufficient independent income of their own.

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JBSP arrangement

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We offer Buy to Let expat mortgages for properties located in England or Wales. Applications for Owner Occupier expat mortgages for properties located in England or Wales can be made via an intermediary/broker.

We're able to lend to UK nationals aged over 18 who are working abroad, and whose families are remaining in the UK subject to certain conditions.

Our expat mortgages are only available on an Interest-Only basis. Please refer to our lending criteria for more information.

You can view our range of Expat mortgage products here:

Expat mortgages

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If your work requires you to live away from your main residence, a loan on a second home may be considered, subject to affordability. Interest-Only loans are accepted on this basis.

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Whether you're an electrician, plumber, hairdresser or personal trainer, being self-employed can be a challenge but being accepted for a mortgage because you're self-employed shouldn't be. With our sensible take on your individual circumstances, income and trading history, we offer mortgages that could work for you. 

Subject to meeting our lending criteria and affordability, you're able to choose from any of our on sale mortgage products. 

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Self-employed mortgages

Mortgage loans are available on an Owner Occupier basis subject to certain conditions. For example, if you are a member of the Armed Forces currently serving elsewhere in the UK or overseas, and the property has previously been used, or is intended to be used as your main residence in the future.

Applications will be assessed on an individual basis.

We now accept Forces Help to Buy (FHTB) as a source of funds for a deposit. For more information on FHTB, please visit the Forces Law website.

Flexibility to change occupancy status and subsequent product terms will be considered on request. This may be subject to standard fees and Early Repayment Charges.

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Mortgage applications on holiday homes are available, subject to affordability, which must be calculated against the applicants earned income without inclusion of any rental that may be received from the property. Interest-Only loan applications will be accepted on this basis.

It is intended that these properties should be for the applicants use, but the property may be occupied on a holiday let basis when the applicants are not in occupation.

Applicants with portfolios of holiday homes will not be permitted.

Holiday homes will not be accepted where there is a formal Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) or where they can only be used as a holiday home due to restrictive covenants within the deeds.

Maximum Loan to Value will be 70%.

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If you are currently in, or moving to, tied accommodation linked to your employment, such as a boarding school teacher, vicar / minster or an estate worker, we understand you may not occupy your property until your current employment finishes, which could be many years in the future. To help with this, you may wish to rent out your property.

We will consider these applications for residential mortgage customers who need to rent out their property under a consent-to-let arrangement.

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