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The mortgage will be secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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What Mortgage Awards 2023 Best Guarantor Family Support Lender Winner
Initial interest rate Current follow on rate Overall cost for comparison Repayment or Interest-Only? Max % Loan to Value (LTV) Product fees Additional

5.09% Family Mortgage 5 Year Fixed Rate to 31/10/2029 (XF0803)

5.09% 8.44% 7.4%APRC
  • Repayment
95% £599~ £250 for purchase applications^

Some key features of this mortgage

  • Purpose - Family Mortgage applications for purchase, further advance, product switch
  • Loan to Value - Maximum 95%. For applications above 75% LTV additional security is required. Additional offsetting feature is available
  • Security options available - Security Account, Security through Property, Offset Account. Find out more here
  • Fixed Rate end date - 31/10/2029
  • *Application Fee - £175 + Valuation Fee. (£125 for further advance. £0 for product switch)
  • Valuation Fees - Free for properties up to £500,000. For properties above £500,000 the standard valuation fee scale applies, less £330 discount. (£0 for further advance. £0 for product switch)
  • ~Product Fee - £599 for loans up to £500,000. (£0 for further advance. £0 for product switch)
  • ^Cashback - £250 for purchase applications
  • Early Repayment Charges - 5% until 31/10/2025, 4% until 31/10/2026, 3% until 31/10/2027, 2% until 31/10/2028, 1% until 31/10/2029
  • Maximum loan - £500,000
  • Minimum loan - £45,000 for purchase applications. £2,000 for further advance. No minimum for product switches
  • Cost for comparison - 7.4% APRC

See full details for fee details, documents you'll need, and more.

Comparing two mortgage products

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Initial interest rate DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Current follow on rate DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Overall cost for comparison DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Repayment or Interest-Only? DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Max % loan to value (LTV) DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Additional benefits DYNAMIC DYNAMIC

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