Notice accounts

Notice savings accounts

Ideal if you don’t need access to your funds in the short term. Allows you to save up to £250,000.


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All our savings accounts are FSCS protected.

A notice savings account typically offers a better return on your savings, compared to easy access accounts. Our notice savings accounts usually require a notice period of either 35 or 90 days, but this may differ subject to account availability.

A notice savings account is likely to be the best fit for you if you don’t need access to your money in the short term. For customers that require easier access to their savings, an easy access account could be the right fit for you. 

It is quick and easy to open and manage your account with Family Building Society. You may be able to apply online, by post or at our Epsom branch to open one of our notice savings accounts below, depending on the product selected.


Annual interest (AER gross) Account rate type Minimum opening amount Additional information Monthly interest option? Withdrawal limits Available to new customers?

35 Day Notice Saver (3)

3.65% to 4.00%
  • Variable
  • Interest rates depend on balance
  • Apply online, by post or in branch
Yes After 35 days notice Yes
Full details and apply

Comparing two savings accounts

Savings icon Savings icon
Annual interest (AER gross) DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Minimum opening amount DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Additional information DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Monthly interest option? DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Withdrawal limits DYNAMIC DYNAMIC
Available to new customers DYNAMIC DYNAMIC

Note that products are subject to additional terms and subject to change. See a product's full details to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

For most of our notice accounts, once notice has been given it can be cancelled. If you give notice and subsequently decide you want to alter the amount you wish to withdraw or make a change to the date of the withdrawal, then this would require the full notice period to be served again.

Please note that for our Windfall Bond, once notice for closure has been given, this cannot be cancelled or amended. 

Yes, you will still earn interest up until the date the withdrawal has been made.

Yes, our notice accounts have variable interest rates and may change as per the terms and conditions of the particular account. Further information can be found in ‘Section 14: Interest’ of our General Conditions for our Savings Accounts about when we may make changes to the interest rate and how this will be communicated.

Windfall Bond savings account

A unique savings account that offers security for your savings and the chance to win £50,000 each month.

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