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  • Monthly savings statements - From May we will be sending future monthly statements of electronic transactions on your savings account by email. More details on how to view your statement and the new process can be found here.

  • Following the Bank of England’s decision to raise the Bank Rate by 0.25% to 1.00% on 5 May 2022, Windfall Bond and Tracker Savings Bond rates will increase by 0.25% from 1 June 2022. We are reviewing our other variable savings rates and will notify customers of any interest rate increase on their account. Tracker mortgages will change on 25 June 2022 and we will write to customers individually with revised payment details where the new rate exceeds the minimum rate (or ‘floor’) already applying to their mortgage. (Notice updated 06/05/2022)

"We were very impressed from our first contact, through the entire application process"

Real life mortgage case studies

Our case studies show how our mortgage products have helped real life customers. Read their stories.

The mortgage will be secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


A second chance at being a homeowner in retirement

Alicia wanted to relocate and become a homeowner again in her retirement
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Helping a couple stay in their home and close to their family

Mr Grice's mother was very elderly and in need of regular support, so the Grices were keen to stay in their home
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Moving closer to family

During the pandemic returning customers Rod and Sue decided that they wanted to be closer to their daughter but finding the funds they needed to move proved to be challenging.
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A longer mortgage term to make monthly payments more affordable

Warwick and Lynda wanted to decrease their monthly mortgage payments, without having to resort to Equity Release
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The Family Mortgage - helping first time buyers with small deposits

Choosing the Family Mortgage to buy their first home together
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A repayment mortgage even in retirement

Christine and her husband were looking for a repayment mortgage in their retirement but needed a long mortgage term
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Helping the retired back into home ownership

When their landlady told them she wanted to sell the house, David and his wife decided to get back on the property ladder
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Giving the retired peace of mind with their home

Gavin wanted to carry on with an Interest-only mortgage so he could stay in his home without having to downsize or rent
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Helping the retired move home and borrow more

Pat and Peter wanted to move home and live closer to town. Affordability was not a problem, however their age was
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Making savings work in retirement with an Offset mortgage

Rod and Susan wanted to move home, but their current mortgage lender was unable to offer them a mortgage due their age
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Helping the retired locate to a new family home

Keen to be closer to their children, David and Moyra were not aware their age would be a problem when finding a mortgage.
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Buying their dream home in later life

David and Valerie had found their perfect home to spend their retirement but were finding it hard to get a mortgage at aged 65
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Helping the retired afford a holiday of a lifetime

David wasn't ready to downsize and needed to find a mortgage that would help him fund his dream holiday
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Having more freedom with a Retirement Lifestyle Booster mortgage

David and his wife were looking for an alternative to equity release and wanted to be able to treat themselves
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Choosing an Offset mortgage and making home improvements

Tom and Pamela, both retired, wanted to make some home improvements without dipping into their savings
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Remortgaging to help their son buy a home

Wary of equity release, Paul and Judy were looking at alternative options to help their son move to a bigger property
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Taking a sensible approach to intergenerational lending

Susan and Roger, both retired, were looking for a joint Interest-Only mortgage with their son
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