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Corporate and financial information

Find out about how the Society is managed and governed and our recent financial results.

Family Building Society is a trading name of National Counties Building Society which has been securely looking after people's money and helping homebuyers since 1896.

The Society is governed and run by a Board of Directors. The Board is here to ensure our long term sustainability for the good of you, our members.

This section contains details of our corporate governance and all our financial information. If you want to know more and it is not detailed here, then please contact us.

Corporate governance is the system by which organisations are directed and controlled.

As a Society, we are committed to best practice in corporate governance. We adhere to the UK Corporate Governance Code, issued by the Financial Reporting Council, and we meet the guidance for building societies issued by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority.

Our day to day management is delegated to a team of Senior Executives led by Chief Executive Mark Bogard with oversight by an elected Board.
The principal function of the Board is to determine the strategy and policies of National Counties Group within an effective control framework, which enables risk to be assessed and managed. The Board ensures that the necessary financial and human resources are in place so we can meet our objectives and reviews our business and management performance.

The Board also ensures that the Group operates within the Society's constitution with relevant legislation and regulation. It makes sure that proper accounting records and effective systems of business control are established, maintained, documented and audited.

The Board has five committees: the Audit, Board Risk, Remuneration, Nomination and Executive Committees. The Terms of Reference for each committee can be found below. 

The first three are comprised only of Non-Executive Directors and have different Chairmen, none of whom is the Chairman of the Society. 
The Remuneration Committee believes that it is increasingly important for you, our members to understand how our Directors and staff remuneration has been calculated. You can therefore see our Remuneration Policy Statement by clicking here.

The Nomination Committee is comprised of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board plus the Chief Executive.
The Executive Committee (ExCo) is comprised of the Chief Executive who shall be Chairman, the Executive Directors and other senior executives as are appointed by the Chief Executive. 

At the end of each financial year we publish our annual report and accounts.

The National Counties Group assets increased by 3% in 2023 to £2,480 million supported by reserves of £169.4 million and a Common Equity Tier 1 ratio of £20.3%. For more details follow the link below to the 2023 Annual Report and Accounts.

2023 Annual Report and Accounts

2023 Summary Financial Statement (Members' Update)

2022 Annual Report and Accounts

2022 Summary Financial Statement (Members' Update)

2021 Annual Report and Accounts

2021 Summary Financial Statement (Members' Update)

Details about our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and how to vote can be found  here

Capital Requirements Directive - Pillar 3 Disclosures
We are required to display the following documents under the Capital Requirements Directive:
2023 Pillar 3 Disclosure
2022 Pillar 3 Disclosure 

Country by Country Reporting
Country by Country Reporting 2023 - Please see Note 33, page 117 of the audited 2022 Annual Report and Accounts (link above) for this disclosure.
Country by Country Reporting 2022 - Please see Note 32, page 117 of the audited 2022 Annual Report and Accounts (link above) for this disclosure.
Country by Country Reporting 2021- Please see Note 32, page 117 of the audited 2021 Annual Report and Accounts (link above) for this disclosure.

Society Rules effective from 30 September 2021
Society Rules Booklet 2021

Society Memorandum
NCBS Memorandum - 1998 Edition

Whistleblowing Policy
Whistleblowing Policy July 2020

Our statement on modern slavery and human trafficking can be seen here.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024

Information about our AGM and how to vote can be found here.

Board of Directors

Find out more about our Board of Directors.

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