What are the chances of winning a prize?

Please note: The Windfall Bond has been withdrawn for new account openings. However, the regular monthly draw will continue as normal.


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What are the chances of winning a prize?

Every month, each qualifying Windfall Bond is allocated one of 15,000 unique tickets and entered into the prize draw. In each monthly prize draw, 21 winning tickets are chosen at random each month by an independent third party appointed by the Society.

Each individual Windfall Bond entered into the draw has a^

  • Approximately 1 in 714 chance of winning a prize in any given draw. You can think of this roughly as the 21 selected prize tickets divided by the 15,000 tickets entered into each draw
  • Approximately 1 in 60 chance of winning at least one prize across 12 consecutive draws

^The fact that at any given time the number of qualifying Windfall Bonds may not equal the maximum capacity of 15,000 has no impact on the probabilities quoted, as blank tickets are entered to take the ticket entry total up to 15,000 every month.

We will notify winners of the monthly free draw within 10 working days of the draw taking place.

We reserve the right to change terms of the draw, the prizes available or end the monthly free draw after giving seventy calendar days’ notice, or as per clause 23 in our Windfall Bond monthly free draw Rules which are also included in the Product Features leaflet.

For a full list of the Windfall Bond monthly free draw rules please click here.

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