Answers to the most commonly asked Windfall Bond questions

Please note: The Windfall Bond has been withdrawn for new account openings. However, the regular monthly draw will continue as normal.


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Here are our answers to the most common questions asked by our members about the Windfall Bond.

Every month, on the tenth working day of the month.

Each Windfall Bond requires a £10,000 deposit. Bonds qualify to be entered into the first draw in the second calendar month after being opened (for example, a bond opened on 1 October first qualifies for a draw in early December).

No. You don't need to register to enter the draw - each qualifying bond will be entered into the draw without you having to register.

You'll receive a certificate for each bond once it's opened, but not confirmation of entry into the prize draw.

Yes. Each Windfall Bond requires a deposit of £10,000 and you can have as many bonds as you like (subject to availability). Every qualifying bond is entered into the draw separately. So for example, if you had five Windfall Bonds you would be entered into the draw five times.

With one Windfall Bond, your chance of winning a prize at least once in a year (with your first twelve draws) equates to approximately 1 in 60.

You can find out more information on the chances of winning a prize here.

Yes. The more Windfall Bonds you hold the greater your chance of winning. 15,000 tickets are entered into the draw and 21 tickets are chosen at random each month.
You don't need to claim your prize. Our Family Service Team will contact all the winners within 10 working days of the draw and will ask them to agree to a declaration. Once this is done, we can then send you your winnings.
Your prize winnings will be sent to you by bank transfer. We'll send the funds to the account you nominated on the application form when you applied for your Windfall Bond.

Indefinitely, although we do reserve the right to change the terms of the draw, the prizes available or end the monthly free draw after giving 70 calendar days notice.

The only way to not be included in the draw is to close your Windfall Bond.

For full details of the draw please refer to the monthly free draw rules.

The Windfall Bond draw is open only to UK residents. If you move outside of the UK you will not be eligible for a prize in the monthly draw so may wish to transfer your money to another account with us or close your account and withdraw your money.

  • Every month, each qualifying Windfall Bond is allocated one of 15,000 unique tickets and entered into the prize draw. The number of unique tickets entered into each prize draw (15,000) is kept consistent so that the chance of winning a prize does not vary from draw to draw.
  • Until there are 15,000 qualifying Windfall Bonds allocated to each one of these unique tickets, blank tickets will be entered to take the ticket total up to the maximum 15,000 capacity. In this event, there is a possibility that, each month, some winning tickets drawn may not be allocated to an open Windfall Bond account, and as such no prize will be paid out to an account holder.
  • The fact that at any given time the number of qualifying Windfall Bonds may not equal the maximum capacity of 15,000 has no impact on the probabilities quoted within our literature, as blank tickets are entered to take the ticket entry total up to 15,000 every month.

If you have any further questions about the Windfall Bond, please call our New Business Team on 03330 140141.

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