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Celebrating Family Building Society 10th Birthday


10 years of Family Building Society

  • Our staff numbers have grown from 140 in 2014 up to 221 in 2024
  • 179 new people have joined the Society since 2014
  • We introduced a charity volunteer day for all staff in 2017. Since then our staff have volunteered 1,000 hours to local charities 
  • We have been recognised with over 50 industry awards
  • We launched the Windfall Bond in October 2014 and to date have paid out over £5.1 million in prizes
  • In 2014 the Society had just over 51,000 members, which has grown to over 63,000 members in 2024
  • In June 2014 we lent out £991 million in mortgages and in June 2024 this had more than doubled to £2 billion
  • Similarly, in June 2014 we looked after £965 million of our savers money, and this has now grown to £1.9 billion


Mark Bogard, CEO of Family Building Society shares his thoughts on the last 10 years

"When we started, I was a bit worried that some families really don't like each other! But despite the inevitable tensions here and there, most families get along pretty well and know that they have to work together across the generations to help each other and make the most of their money.
Launching anything new is always pretty hairy and you just don't know if it'll succeed. We have succeeded. We have grown, got more customers, improved what we do and we still treat people as individuals, which is what they want, but it's getting rarer and rarer. 
Our biggest opportunity is that lots of people still haven't heard of us!!"