Providing you with a little extra support

At Family Building Society, we understand that there are times when we all need a little extra help and support.

We may need extra support at any stage in our life, for different reasons. Living with, or developing health conditions can make it more difficult to be able to manage finances, and personal circumstances like divorce or bereavement can leave us needing to use our money in a different way from how we’d planned.

At Family Building Society we’re committed to providing a personal approach to savings and mortgages, and we strive to cater for all of our customers’ needs. That’s why we have a dedicated team who aim to deal with customers who may need some extra help and support with compassion and flexibility, in response to their personal circumstances. 

Supporting our members

Our Customer First Team can offer you more time to talk through your options over the phone, and can help point you in the right direction of additional support you might need such as charities or advice services (e.g. Age Concern, Money Advice Trust and Shelter).

If you need extra support managing your account(s), you don’t have to tell us why if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Our friendly Customer First Team will still be able to talk to you about the different options available.

If you want to speak to the Customer First Team, please contact our Family Service Team who'll be able to put you through. If you're a savings account holder, please phone 03330 140144. If you're a mortgage holder, please phone 03330 140146.


Extra support and help

As well as giving you time to talk through your options, our Customer First Team can provide information in a different format if that would make things easier for you, such as larger print, braille, or audio. For anyone who has difficulties with hearing or speech, our customer facing staff are trained to be aware that some of our customers might be using Relay UK. If this is something you think you’d benefit from, there’s more information here

If you struggle with your reading due to dyslexia or another disability then there are various tools that can be added to your web browser that can provide additional support. These are extensions that can be added to your web browser and can aid in the readability of your web pages.

Helperbird is one of the widely used extensions which aid in improving readability of your webpages and is available across all major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox.  Once added to your web browser it offers dyslexia support features such as dyslexia rulers and fonts, voice typing translations, word prediction, text to speech, and overlays.

Below are a couple other web browser extensions/add-ons available that you may also find useful in improving reading accessibility:

  • OpenDyslexic - this Google Chrome extension is an open sourced font created to increase readability for people who have dyslexia. This extension replaces all fonts on a web page with the OpenDyslexic font, and formats pages to improve readability.
  • Pixie - this Microsoft Edge add-on provides various different tools to improve accessibility as well the ability to alter webpage styling for optimal readability, including dyslexia-friendly fonts like OpenDyslexic, enhance the space between lines, words, and letters.

If you think you could do with a little extra support managing your account(s), then our Customer First Team can, for example, help you set up a Third Party Mandate. You can appoint someone you trust, such as your children, a sibling, a partner or a close friend to lend a helping hand and give you peace of mind. There’s more information here

As well as help managing your finances, we want to make you aware of what options are available for you. We've partnered with independent equity release specialists, The Equity Release Experts, who offer 100% impartial equity release advice. For more information on if this is right for you, please click here

We can give you advice on staying safe online by avoiding frauds and scams. Just as you would expect, we have anti-fraud measures in place, from our own security systems to our staff who are trained to spot potential scams.

We also have proudly received cyber security plus accreditation, meaning we have the necessary technical security and controls in place to ensure customer data is safe and secure.

For more information about protecting yourself against fraud and scams, look here.

If you haven't been able to find what you're looking for here, then our FAQ page here might be able to help. 

Download our booklet

For more information on the support we’re able to give you, and for advice for keeping your money safe, we have put together a handy booklet which covers:

  • How we can provide you with extra support managing your accounts
  • Third party support and what they can and can't do on your behalf
  • Tips on protecting yourself from frauds and scams
  • A list of helpful contacts.

Download a copy of our 'Providing Extra Support' booklet.

Help managing family finances

More detailed information about setting up Power of Attorney and Third Party Mandate to help you, or a family member, manage the finances you have with us.

Providing extra support

Sometimes life can be challenging. We are committed to providing fair and appropriate treatment to all of our customers. Our guide highlights the options available if you (or a family member) need a little extra support managing your finances.