The Generation Divide

Understanding how the millennial generation approach important life events and how they set out to find the answers.

We wanted to deepen our understanding of the millennial generation and how they compare to older generations when it comes to important milestones in life, such as starting a new job, getting married, buying a house or losing a loved one, for example. 

We wanted to know what questions the different generations had about these milestones, and what they wish they had known, or would still like to know.

We asked the general public to share their experience with us.  

The findings of our research can be found in our report: 'The Generational Divide, it's all about context'.

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About the different Generation Groups

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The Generation Divide

Our report highlights the types of questions Millennials have about life milestones, how they set out trying to find the answers and how they are different from their parents and grandparents.