• The Premium Saver (5) - is now on sale and can be applied for exclusively online. £1,000 minimum deposit. You can add funds to the account until 3pm, 7 February 2022, after this no additions will be allowed. Find out more

  • Following the Bank of England’s decision to raise the Bank Rate by 0.15% to 0.25%, Windfall Bond and Tracker Savings Bond rates will increase by 0.15% from 1 January 2022. We will be reviewing our other savings and variable mortgage rates. We will be in touch with more details if the rates on your mortgage or savings account are changing.


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It's the first time i've won anything

Mike first heard about the Family Building Society in a newspaper article about Premium Bonds. Mike had previously been a fan of Premium Bonds but latterly had become disappointed and they just didn't seem worthwhile anymore.

"In terms of the odds the article itself said the odds were 64 to one*, and I know for sure that Premium Bonds are a lot longer odds than that."

Mike was impressed with the odds of 64 to one*, but the fact that the Windfall Bond also pays interest was one of the strongest arguments for him.

Mike also knows that it's possible to win with our Windfall Bond as he was a lucky winner himself.

* Since Mike opened his Windfall Bond, we have increased the number of prizes to win from 13 to 21. With two Windfall Bonds, the chance of winning in 12 draws has increased from 1 in 32 to 1 in 30.

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A truly unique Savings Account that earns interest and enters you into a monthly prize draw for the chance to win up to £50,000.

Windfall Bond

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