• Homes for Ukraine - important information can be found here.

  • Rate changes following Bank of England decision to raise its Bank Rate to 1.25% on 16 June.

    the majority of our variable savings rates have been increased from 24 June. Rate increases for Windfall Bond and Tracker Savings Bond apply from 1 July. (Updated 1 July.)

    Mortgages: our variable mortgage rates will increase and we are in the process of writing to affected customers with details of their revised payments, interest rate and effective date. Product rates now shown on the website reflect this increase. (Updated 1 July.)

Thank you for notifying us of a death.

We'll now put a note on their account(s) and stop any marketing material being sent out. This may take a few days to take effect so it’s possible that some marketing material may still be sent.

Please remember to send us a death certificate, or a certified copy, as soon as you are able to. For safeguarding purposes, we require the death certificate before any confidential information on the account can be provided, or any changes to the account can be made.