Our MMR history

Details of our Managed Mortgage Rate (MMR) history.

The Managed Mortgage Rate (MMR) is a type of mortgage interest rate that you are most likely to go onto after your introductory fixed, tracker or discounted deal ends. 

We choose what the MMR rate is and it does not track the Bank of England Bank Rate. Your MMR depends on whether we calculate the interest on your mortgage annually or monthly. The MMR you’ll pay also depends on what type of mortgage you apply for.

The table below details any rate changes that have been applied to the Family Building Society Managed Mortgage Rates since they were launched. 


YearDate of ChangeManaged Mortgage Rate (variable)Managed Flexi Mortgage Rate (variable)Residential Investment Managed Mortgage Rate (variable)
201414th July4.79%  4.89%Introduced on 1 December 2016
2015No changesNo changes No changes Introduced on 1 December 2016 
201625th September4.54% 4.64% Introduced on 1 December 2016 
 1st DecemberNo changes No changes 5.29% 
20171st DecemberNo changes No changes 5.29%
201825th September5.04% 5.14% 5.79% 
202025th April4.39% 4.49% 5.14% 
202221 March4.79%No changes5.54%
20221 AprilNo changes4.89%No changes
202223 July5.54%5.64%6.29%
202214 November6.04%6.14%6.79%
202321 January6.54%6.64%7.29%
202311 March7.29%7.39%8.04%
202312 July7.79%7.89%8.54%
202323 September8.44%8.54%9.19%



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