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A historic list of the winners of the Windfall Bond monthly free draw since we launched back in 2015

We are pleased to announce our Windfall Bond is now available for new account openings. Before you open a new Windfall Bond please read the important information.

All our savings accounts are FSCS protected.   FSCS - Logo

Our Windfall Bond monthly free draw takes place on the 10th working day of every calendar month.

We call all winners directly within 10 working days of the draw taking place to congratulate them with the good news.

Dates for your diary

14 October 2021
12 November 2021
14 December 2021
17 January 2022
14 February 2022

Historic list of winners


Mr Andrew C – Berkshire

Mr Richard N – Bristol

Mrs Anita G – Lincolnshire

Miss Pat D – Surrey

Mr Martin K – Hampshire

Mr Derek & Mrs Ann B – Surrey

Mr Dennis G – Cheshire

Ms Gerardine F – London

Ms Sarah B – Surrey

Mrs Gillian C – Gwent

Mr James W – Gloucestershire

Mr Stephen J – Wiltshire

Mrs Jane B- Surrey

Miss Katherine H – Surrey

Mr Malcolm B – London

Mr Daniel & Mrs Sarah J – Hertfordshire

Mr Russell S – Essex
Mrs Glenda T – Radstock

Mrs Penelope P – North Yorkshire

Mr Timothy P – London

Mrs Janet S – Surrey

Mr Richard W - Newton Abbot

Mrs Linda N – West Sussex

Mrs Gina & Mr Jonathan S – Brockenhurst

Mrs Kym B – Dorset

Mrs Janet H – Surrey

Mr Andrew O – Somerset

Mr John B – Surrey

Mrs Sheila G – Suffolk

Mrs Dawn C – Chepstow
Mr Michael B – Warwickshire 

Mr Edward D – Somerset 

Mrs Patricia T – West Sussex 

Miss Anne S – Aberdeenshire 

Mr Simon N – Rutland

Mr Christopher M – Essex 

Mr Noel B - Essex

Mr Anthony D - West Yorkshire

Mr Barrie G – East Yorkshire
Mr James L – London

Mr Ian D & Mrs Margaret D – Devon

Mr Kenneth L & Mrs Celia L – Berkshire 

Mr David B - Middlesex

Mrs Barbara C – Norfolk 

Mr John C – Somerset 

Mr Christopher B & Mrs Zita B – Northamptonshire 

Miss Susan G – Essex 

Mr Alan C – Leicestershire 
Mrs Joanna W - Hertfordshire
Ms Jennifer P & Mr Andrew T - Oxfordshire
Mr John G - Essex
Dr Sally M - Essex
Mr Andrew G - Middlesex
Mr Peter H - Lincolnshire
Mr David H - Cheshire
Ms Susan O - Greater Manchester
Mrs Victoria G - Dorset
Miss Amanda P - Middlesex
Ms Wendy S - West Sussex
Mrs Alecia C - Surrey
Mrs Nicola L - Hampshire
Mr John G - Buckinghamshire
Mr Cristopher R - Cheshire
Ms Anna B & Mr Joseph J - Kent
Mr James W - South Lanarkshire
Mr Andrew H & Mrs Christine H - Surrey
Mrs Claire S - Kent
Mr Stephen T - Hampshire
Mrs Bernadette H - Middlesex
Mr Peter H - Lincolnshire
Mrs Louise D - Leicestershire
Mr Roger A - Cambridgeshire
Mrs Linda S - Wiltshire
Mr Hugh R & Mrs Geraldine R - County Down
Dr Deirdre B - West Sussex
Mr Steven W - Bedfordshire
Mr Chris M - East Sussex
Mr Pete F - Oxfordshire

Mrs June P - Surrey 
Mr Roger A - Cambridgeshire
Mrs Bernardina G - Lincolnshire
Mr John H - Kent
Mr David P -  Surrey 
Mr Nigel J & Mrs Patricia J - Bedfordshire
Miss India K -  London 
Mr Ian H - Essex
Mr Brian H & Mrs Jill H - Devon
Mrs Sheila H - Norfolk 
Mrs Sara T - Surrey
Mrs Ann E & Mr Michael E - Kent 
Mrs Anita C - Berkshire
Mr William M - County Antrim 
Mr Michael J - Surrey
Mrs Joanne W - Lancashire 

Mr Alistair N – Cheshire
Mrs Hazel D – Middlesex
Mr Nick H – Surrey 
Mrs Patricia K – Surrey
Mr Situl S – London
Mrs Christine D – Cheshire
Mrs Bharti R & Mr Mukesh R – Leicestershire
Mr Leonard G – West Sussex
Ms Catherine M & Mr James M – Merseyside
Mr Paul S – Middlesex
Mrs Mozelle M – London
Mrs Dorothy W – Lancashire
Mr Christopher B & Mrs Zita B – Northamptonshire
Mrs Sally B – Norfolk
Mr Raymond B & Mrs Vivienne B – Merseyside

Mr Ian R & Mrs Linda R – Staffordshire 
Mrs Linda C – Warwickshire
Mrs Ann C – London
Mrs Helen M – London
Mr Dhiraj R – London
Mr Neil M – Essex
Mr John S – Hertfordshire
Mr David R – Perthshire
Mr Nigel W – Lancashire
Miss Jane C – Monmouthshire
Miss Susan P – Surrey
Mr Kevin B – Surrey
Mrs Claudia F – Wiltshire


Ms Jillian F & Mr Sam F – Staffordshire 
Mr Andrew B & Mrs Georgina B – West Yorkshire 
Mr Hugh G – Suffolk 
Mr Barry S & Mrs Pauline S – Kent
Mr Rodney D – Norfolk 
Mrs Sandra P – London 
Mr Roman K – West Yorkshire 
Mrs Christine W & Mr Stephen W – Gwynedd 

Mr Gordon H – Fife
Mr Peter D – London 
Mr Richard W – Devon 
Mrs Ann B & Mr Derek B – Surrey
Ms Jennifer P & Mr Andrew T – Oxfordshire
Mrs Jill C– Dorset
Mr Sidney R – Hertfordshire 

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