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  "I am not a number..."

Well yes you are - and when it comes to applying for a mortgage you are, amongst other things, a result on a credit scorecard. Not everyone fits the scorecard driven mortgage criteria.

We take a different approach...
Firstly we build mortgages that fit real people, real families and sometimes complicated but still very real situations. Secondly, we treat you as an individual and get to understand you better, by doing that we can often find an answer for you where others can’t be bothered.

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Do you aim to help your children own their first home?

It’s a natural goal for many parents but increasingly difficult to achieve as the gap between property prices and earnings continues to grow. Using a standard mortgage, that could end up meaning a heftier deposit to find and higher monthly repayments.
There is an alternative. The Family Mortgage allows you to use wider family wealth held in a savings account or even in the value of your property to help secure a mortgage for a family member buying their first home. And it can be without having to hand over money as a gift. You can even reduce the amount of the mortgage on which interest is paid by depositing money in an account with us.

Find out how the Family Mortgage may help to give your children a head start.

Do you want to make the most of your retirement but aren't sure how you can make it happen?

You're fit and well and looking forward to the next 10 or more years being active and interesting. You have a decent retirement income and some savings but you're not what you might call flush, and you're not ready to move to somewhere less expensive yet.

What if we told you that a mortgage could help you now? Every month our Retirement Lifestyle Booster pays you a fixed sum. Same amount every month for up to 10 years. In return you pay us a set amount each month to cover the 'average' interest due. At the end of 10 years, assuming you've made all the payments, what you owe is what you have borrowed. 

Find out how the Retirement Lifestyle Booster could help you make the most of your retirement.


Do you want to put the money you save for tax to better use?

If you hold a reasonable amount in savings accounts you will have noticed that the returns over the last few years have been less than sparkling.

As a general principle the interest rate you pay for borrowing money will tend to be higher than the rate you receive from saving money. So if you could move your savings to count against your mortgage, you would effectively be earning interest on that money at the rate you are charged for your mortgage and the interest saved can help to pay off your mortgage earlier.

Find out how the Offset Mortgage could put your savings to better use.

Have you been refused a mortgage purely because of your age?

Many high street banks refuse to lend beyond the age of 70, but at the Family Building Society we don't use computers to make our decisions about lending. 

Even if you have been refused a mortgage elsewhere because of your age, or thought you wouldn't qualify for a normal mortgage, there may still be options available to you on both an interest-only or repayment basis.

Read more about our Later Life Lending and how we could help.

Are you working abroad or need help with a Buy to Let property?

We offer a range of mortgages for Buy to Let, including a Buy to Let Offset Mortgage which reduces the amount of interest charged, and may increase your net profit from lending. We also offer a range of Buy to Let mortgages for Limited Companies. 

Our Buy to Let mortgages are also available if you are an expat working abroad. 

Find out more about our Buy to Let mortgage range.

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